Autumn in the Midlands

Autumn Walks and taking pictures

We are now well and truly into Autumn and the season has already started to take effect. This week we’ve had cold biting winds. If you fancy weather dodging there are many places in the Midlands that will give you a feeling of Autumn. These places are also great for photography.

Bored I decided to take my dog Penny for a walk and I set out with my camera. (you will notice Penny through out the blog) Not wanting to go far I chose Ashmore Park area to take some pics.  Just off Kitchen Lane and the main Ashmore Park road is an area known as the Ashmore Plantation.  It is basically a big field on a hill with all sorts of types of trees and bushes planted there, in fact it could be improved with better paths etc. I managed to take a few pictures of the Autumnness around me.  I had turned up in between rain showers, the light was not the best because it was cloudy but I find it the best time to take pictures of the autumn colours as the water droplets add to the scene.

Ashmore Plantation, Saturday 12th October 2013 (4)Ashmore Plantation, Saturday 12th October 2013 (25)Ashmore Plantation, Saturday 12th October 2013 (23)Ashmore Plantation, Saturday 12th October 2013 (16)

There are many other places to visit for splendid Autumn walks, and here is a handful of other places.

Willenhall Park, Thursday 13 October 2011 (47)

Willenhall Memorial Park

In Willenhall Park, I usually get some great pictures, autumn is no exception.  It has a picturesque tree lined path which is good anytime of year.  Its garden also makes a great picture as seen above.  Over the road from the park there is Fibbersley Nature Reserve. One part to look out for is the wooden bridge in which separates a pool.  Rough Wood (see picture below) is great to get pictures of falling leaves and it’s Oak tree leaves can make a crafty collage. 

Rough Wood Chase, Autumn 2012 (6)

Sutton Park

Over at Sutton Park, Streetly gate entrance makes a decent picture, Brace Pool has a particular bench worth looking out for as the trees surrounding it are breath taking, added with the Autumn leaves and you are sure to get a nice picture.

Near Aldridge, look out for Hill Hock Wood, there are wood carvings that look better this time of year because the trees around it make it stand out.  Not far from there is Holly Wood which is on the way towards Great Barr, although it is not a very big wood it will still bring some surprises.

Over at Hateley Heath not far from Hill Top, its pool is probably the best picture you are going to take of autumn colours.

Wolverhampton’s, Bantock House and Gardens (see picture below) has some fantastic trees to photograph, and the same goes for West Park near by.

Bantock, Wolverhampton, Tuesday 15 November 2011 (18)

Warley Woods

Near Smethwick and Bearwood is Warley Woods and Golf Course. This Park has been voted one of the best in the country and some of the trees in the woods produce really nice colours, see below.

Warley Woods, Monday 11 October 2011 (8)


Mean while around Nottingham, there is Clumber Park to see and it is known for some excellent autumn pictures to take.  One of the best views is a tree lined path which is said to be the longest one in the World..

Whether you are in the Midlands, or anywhere else in the UK, there are fantastic autumn pics to be taken, it’s just the matter of going out to investigate.  If you have any Autumn pics you would like to display then feel free to send them to this site.

You can also use the comments box to share your thoughts.


7 thoughts on “Autumn in the Midlands

  1. What lovely photos! Sutton Park doesn’t look too different from the woods behind my house, in Northern Virginia, USA. I’ve just done a similar post on my blog, and at the end I included this article of yours in a list of links to other posts on autumn foliage from around the world. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to more of your posts.

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